Al Frio al Fuego

We stepped out of our motorkar and down into a dimly lit path with stones marking the way. Eventually we hit a stairway that ran right into the water. Our chariot waited, into the peque peq we climbed. The familiar pek pek pek of the motor moved us through a sea of water lilies. The lights shimmering off the water told us that Iquitos was not far away but a million miles away right now.

A few short minutes and the boat drifted up to the dock of Frio al Fuego, the floating restaurant. This is a beautiful restaurant floats in the Itaya River and has everything you need to get away from everything for a few short hours, including a swimming pool in the middle of the river.

As our host helped us off our launch we stepped onto our escape for the night Frio al Fuego. The service was impeccable; we started with a hearts of palm salad with fresh avocado and tomato. Lou ordered Patarashca, Doncella fish with fresh onions, tomato, sweet chili with cilantro wrapped in a bijo leaf; I had a grilled smoked jerky with a chimichurri sauce.

The evening was enchanting as we watched our chefs work their magic, like a symphony in action, a cool breeze blowing across the river with the shimmering lights dancing on the water it was a late Valentine dinner to remember. My girl is here.