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Adventures for Gen Xers

Tranform Your World View

When rehashing old family trips won’t cut it, you find yourself looking for something greater. The world is yours for the taking. Transform your life with incredible travel experiences.

The adventures we provide are custom designed for you. We are here to help you create unforgettable memories and generate an endless supply of amazing stories.

We understand that as a Gen Xer, you are looking for something different. You are unimpressed with the same old ordinary package trip. You want to avoid the spots that are too touristy and want to get off the beaten path.

Afrikaburn, Tankwa Karoo National Park South Africa – April 29th-May 5th

Burning Man’s younger brother, Afrikaburn is a crazy techno festival that is a week of costumes, camps, music and fun. Plan carefully because this party is in the middle of nowhere, you must take everything in that you need along with something to share, and leave with everything you brought.

Holi Festival, Uttar Pradesh India – March 20 – 21st

Holi is the festival of colors, where partygoers throw colored powder covering everyone. Bonfires representing good over evil are lit around the city.

Hiking the Annapurna Circuit

Explore over 100 miles of the Nepalese countryside going all the way to the Tibetan plateau at almost 18,000 ft. The scenery and solitude are incredible!

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