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Landfall Luxury Travel Club - Beautiful Villa

Landfall Luxury Travel Club

If you enjoy the finer things in life and have a passion to see the world in style, look no further and save $200 on your first trip!

The Landfall Luxury Travel Club is a private vacation club for Landfall residents and their guests who have high standards for their vacations. We offer a seamless and personable planning process that delivers unparalleled experiences. Sign up below to receive your special $200 Landfall resident discount as well as special offers and opportunities. Generation Go utilizes the most extensive luxury network in the world. You will have a selection of over 1800 of the best of the best hotels and more.
Save up to 50% on Wanderlist  – A New Way To Fill Your Bucket List

Wanderlist lets travelers create a virtual plan and dates for their travel dreams. Travelers go through a Netflix type highly visual survey of the world to create a virtual bucket list, by getting travel companions, family, significant others or friends to fill out the same survey. Wanderlist then syncs up all the answers to create trip suggestions to fulfill everyone’s wishes.

Once the travel advisor has the information, they can review with the group their input to plan future trips, maximize the best accommodations, look for discounts and the best time to travel to the destination. Wanderlist also will feed you great information about the destination and the costs associated so that travelers can budget for their dream trips.

Recently Generation Go Travel in Wilmington, was chosen as one of only 80 advisors in the world to test drive this product. For a short period they are offering to members of the Landfall Travel Club an introductory offer of $400 for a travel group of 4, list price is $700.



Generation Go utilizes the most extensive luxury network in the world. You will have a selection of over 1800 of the best of the best, hotels, tours and cruises. We can offer LTC members perks and privileges that most travel agencies can’t. Credits for restaurant, bar or spa services, complimentary breakfast, free WiFi, room upgrades and early or late checkout.


To find the best places to go, eat and enjoy, you want locals who live in the location to advise you. Generation Go has connections in over 60 countries to people who live there.

They are instrumental in helping us plan the perfect vacation to meet your heart’s desire. We find the places and events that are un-Googleable.


We believe the best vacations excite all 5 of your senses. The perfect vacation transforms your life, you come back a different person. We use our concierge services to provide you the best in music, art, cuisine, history, culture and community service to fulfill your dreams. We want to create those magic moments for you and your family.

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