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millennial adventure vacations
Adventures for Millennials

Experience the world through a different lens.

Traveling to see and do what a million other people have seen and done just to say “been there and done that” is no way to travel. Let’s do something different, something that immerses you in a different culture, provides a different outlook, a different set of ideas. Whether you have the kids in tow or want to experience a solo journey or journey with friends, we can design an adventure beyond comparison.

Transformative Adventure Awaits You

Go to the fresh markets in Paris to pick out the ingredients that you will prepare with a French chef, then share the meal with your loved one and your new best friends.

Take a bike ride down the “El Camino de la Muerte”, the Road of Death, in Bolivia. The forty mile journey down will be one of the craziest rides of your life.

Become a hero in your kid’s eyes, do Disney World as a VIP.

Take the challenge and hike the 19,300 foot Mount Kilimanjaro and gaze upon the beautiful Tanzanian countryside.

Do the Samba all night while you party at Carnival in Rio.

Take your children on a life changing experience helping save the crocodiles in the Okavango Delta or the rhinos in South Africa working hand in hand with the scientists

Spend a week in Tuscany biking vineyards, practicing yoga, and learning to cook local specialties.

Experience the life changing spiritual growth and healing of plant medicine with a shaman in the jungles of the Amazon.

Make your own private label wine in Mendoza, Argentina.

Epic Upcoming Events for Millennials

Bestival – July 26-29

The craziest music festival on earth can be found in Dorset England. For a dip in the wild and crazy this may be your getaway.

Ushuaia Beach Hotel Ibiza – Summer 2019

Experience the best beach party in the world every summer with iconic resident DJ’s like Kygo.

Day of the Dead – Oct 29 thru Nov 3

Take in the eclectic and lively atmosphere of one of Mexico’s strongest traditions. Besides the traditional food, drink, and artistic offerings, there are also coinciding EDM festivals like the Get Lost Festival.

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