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What is a “Senses” Tour?

Collect moments, not things. In this age of enlightenment, many travelers are drawn to our new approach to travel: Senses Tours. With an emphasis on flexibility and personalization, Senses Tours are designed around the client’s individual tastes.

All five senses are awakened through art, community, culinary creations, culture, history, music, nature, self-awareness, and wellness. Carefully curated experiences are laced together to create a travel tapestry that inspires new awareness within yourself and your travel companions. Do as little or as much as you like with your valuable time. With the help of our expert travel advisors, come home rejuvenated and appreciative of the planet we call home.


Here are just a few of the accommodations we can utilize for your Senses Tour. We specialize in finding the unique lodging that incorporate our Senses approach. We have 1000’s of choices around the world through our travel networks and consortiums.

Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel

Immerse in the spirit of Royal Inca retreat at Inkaterras boutique Machu Picchu hotel an Andean Garden of Eden where waterfalls and streams gently cascade through acres of orchids. Hummingbirds frolic in a private cloud forest paradise, while you experience this authentic luxury hotel at the foot of Machu Picchu,

Tambo del Inka, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa

This spectacular resort & spa invites you to relax and indulge the senses, offering unparalleled service and limitless opportunities of discovery for groups, weddings, meetings and incentive travel around Peru. An indelible stay at Tambo del Inka features lavish accommodations with views of stunning Andean peaks and the Vilcanota River.

Amazon River of Mirrors

There’s a pulse to the Amazon, a kind of undercurrent. Inky waters backed by layers of green forest at once relax and invigorate. Wild birdcalls fill the air. A leafy branch shakes to reveal a troop of clamoring monkeys. Travel aboard the exquisite Delfin II on an Amazon cruise expedition and discover the pristine upper reaches of the legendary Amazon…

Historic Accommodations in Peru

Casa MoreyThe Casa Morey, an old rubber baron’s mansion, is a historic hotel and is a national monument that dates back from 1913. This attractive building was restored  to conserve the charm and splendor of past eras reminding us of the elegance of of the rubber boom era in the Peruvian Amazon town of Iquitos.


Skylodge – Have you ever wanted to sleep in a condor’s nest? Here is the next best thing! A transparent luxury capsule that hangs from the top of a mountain in the Sacred Valley of Peru.

Located in the Sacred Valley of Cuzco, Peru, the exclusive Skylodge Adventure Suites offers you the chance to sleep within a completely transparent hanging bedroom, that allows you to appreciate the impressive view of this magic and mystic valley.

Additional Senses Tour Activities in Peru

Culinary and cultural experienceShop at markets, participate on a coffee or chocolate tasting, walk the charming streets of the bohemian Barranco district, visit art galleries and funky folk-art shops and finalize with a cooking lesson and lunch at an exclusive apartment featuring the best ocean views in Lima. All of this guided by a true insider in both culinary and art fields (Cuisine, Art, Culture)

Swim with Sea LionsTake a plunge with hundreds of sea lions. These playful creatures will jump and play all around you, sometimes engaging you in their play. By the time you are done you may just have some new friends. (Nature)

Dine at the best restaurants in LimaA great way to experience Lima as the melting pot of most of Peruvian cultures, biodiversity and traditions is through its incredible variety and ammount of restaurants. Take for example Fiesta or La Picanteria as beautiful examples of regional food from northern Peru, or Maido and Osaka representing Nikkei food (Peruvian – Japanese fusions)… and the list goes on with a huge amount of “cevicherias” (the ultimate Peruvian seafood restaurant); not to mention the classic but still trendy options like Rafael or the worldwide famous ones such as Central and Astrid & Gaston (Cuisine, Culture)

Monumental CallaoAn excursion through an historic part of Callao old village, called Monumental Callao, an area that was falling apart in abandon and that was recently regenified, turning abandoned “casonas” in art galleries, in close alliance with the local community in a way that people who were in the hands of drugs and violence found real commitment in a project that has given many of them a purpose in life. Excursions in this area may include walking through historic houses and streets, visit art galleries, experience local cuisine and participate on a graffiti workshop (Community, History, Art, Cuisine)

Lima Historic City – The immense Lima City that we know today, has it´s origins thousands of years ago with the first settlements which remains can we still see in places such as Pachacamac or Huaca Pucllana. Many cultures succeeded one after the other, until the first Europeans arrived, founding the first stage of the Lima that we know today. As the capital and center of the Spanish colony in South America, Lima was for almost three centuries the most prosperous and rich city in the continent. Allowing a day to explore history in Lima is well worth the time (History, Art, Culture)

Lima Markets – Visiting local markets is probably one of the best ways for the traveler to experience the authentic and vibrant culture of a certain destination, not to mention the products that speak about unique natural resources and cultural diversity. Forget about the markets set for tourists and immerse yourself in the most authentic ones; take for example the Lima fish-market and be ready to have your mind and senses flown away (Cuisine, Culture)

Lima Museums The Incas are only the top of the iceberg in a history of settlements dating back 14000 years or more. There are many museums in Peru that speak about parts of this history, including some remarkable ones in northern Peru (Trujillo and Chiclayo). Luckily for those with limited time to spend a month travelling around Peru, Lima has some excellent options such as Larco Herrera, Amano and Mali. (History, Culture)

The Palomino Islands – Do you enjoy sailing and watching marine wildlife? You don´t have to leave Lima in order to have a taste of this. You can just board a vessel and go visit the islands located in front of the big city to observe plenty of sea-lions, penguins and sea birds. (Nature, Nature)

Paracas National Reserve – A paradise for marine wildlife and a unique landscape of desert, Paracas was home to ancient civilizations. Nowadays it attracts people in the search of adventure and nature. Rowing in a Polynesic canoe, Mountain biking (e-bikes) through the desert, paddle boarding, kite surfing and sand boarding are just a few options to be found by the active traveler visiting Paracas (Nature, Self-awareness), not to mention the classic visit (by boat) to the Ballestas Islands for wildlife observation. (Wildlife, Wellness)

Hike the Inca TrailThe most famous Inca trail leads to the Sun Gate at Machu Picchu but there are many other trails you can try that are more or less challenging but much less traveled. For those who want an authentic experience but less strenuous trek, try Lares Trek (2 days). If you want something more challenging, try Choquequirao (5 days). Many say the ruins at Choquequirao are larger and more magnificent then Machu Picchu although not totally excavated, I agree. (Wellness, Nature)

Machu Picchu – Take a guided tour of one of the seven manmade Wonders of the World. Have a guided tour of the marvelous citadel, visiting the main plaza, the royal quarters, the Temple of Three Windows, the circular tower and the sacred Sun Dial and burial grounds. (History Culture)

Andean Spirituality – As a logical consequence of thousands of years of human development in the Peruvian Andes, it is no secret that there is a strong spiritual tradition to be found in the highlands. Allow us to introduce you to authentic healers and Pacos, who will share their ancient knowledge and traditions through ceremonies and practices that have been passed from parents to children, generation after generation (Wellness, Self-Awareness, Community, Culture)

Weaving and agricultural communities – Exactly the same as in the field of spirituality, there are still people in the Andes, living in remote communities, who preserve and still practice ancient traditions related to art-crafts (especially weaving) and agriculture. Take a day to drive or hike to one of these communities and share time with these artists and agricultures who are still totally connected to the flow and rhythm of nature (Nature, Community, Culture)

Culinary traditions – Hiking, biking, horseback-riding are just some of the activities that will allow you to enjoy the outdoors in the Sacred Valle and will always be a great occasion to try one of the traditional ways to cook in the outdoors, such as the Watia or the Pachamanca. (Cuisine, Culture, Nature)

Native musical instruments – After a day of getting immersed in nature and history in the Sacred Valley, why not take the time to chill and spend time with a local musician who will share his knowledge about ancient native instruments. Take the time to listen and play a wide sample of instruments of all kinds and from different Peruvian cultures, mainly winds and percussion (Music, Culture, History, Self-Awareness)

Healing Sounds – Relax and experience how musical instruments from different times and traditions may have a healing effect in your body and soul (Wellness, Self-Awareness, Music)

Row and camp in the islandsJump on your polynesic canoe and start rowing with your crew through the quite waters of the lake. Sense the wind, breath the thin air of the high Andean Plateau and watch islands and people surrounded by the vivid blue color of the lake and the sky. During the evenings, sit around a bonfire and watch one of the clearest skys you´ll every see (Nature, Self-Awareness, Culture, Wellness)

SillustaniA succession of ancient circular towers that make the unique natural environment of Umayo lake a magic place to be (History, Nature)

Llachon Community and TaquileInterested in spending time with local communities and hiking in the islands and peninsulas by the lake? Llachon community has organized in a very good way in order to allow travelers from all over the world to spend the night in local homes. In the same way, the sail and hike to Taquile island will introduce you to local culture through textile art and agricultural methods (Nature, Culture)     

Belen MarketThe bustling heartbeat of Iquitos this market has a little bit for everyone, exotic fruits, jungle meat, vegetables, shamanic and holistic medicine and the ever present grilled suri (Amazon grub worm). This market will assault all of your senses. Make your way down to the Itaya River to get a snapshot of life in Belen. (Culture Community)

Jungle Safari Spend a few days exploring the Amazon. The most biodiverse location on Earth where one of the 7 New Natural Wonders of the World exists, the Amazon River. You will experience culture, nature and communities along this majestic river. We have a whole assortment of jungle experiences depending on your preferences. (Culture, Nature, Community)

Helping a Community – Spend the day working with the kids at a local orphanage or join in a free medical clinic. Getting involved in the community is totally rewarding to you and the community you are working in. We have a whole list of opportunities to serve local communities. (Self-Awareness, Community, Culture)

Salsa The Night AwayThere is a jungle party going on at Pardo in Iquitos. Enjoy a 20 piece salsa band in an open air amphitheater. Dance with the locals but put your hat on because this can be a wild night. (Music, Culture)

Shamanic Healing Center – This shamanic retreat is a high professional retreat that will guide you to a higher level of awareness of yourself and the spiritual realms we all reside. Our work opens for you an opportunity to heal on profound levels. Requires special preparation and planning. (Self-Awareness, Culture)

Casterbridge Music AcademyA unique music venue that is using music to involve kids in music and academics. Get involved with this music experiment working with township kids. A great mix of music and community. (Music and Community Service)

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