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What is Transformational Travel?

Transformational travel is the kind of travel experience that creates meaningful changes in your life.

From our adventures around the globe, we’ve found that life-altering travel has 3 major components:

  1. Exploring with a purposeful focus on intention, openness, and being in the moment

  2. Participating in physically and culturally challenging experiences

  3. Affording yourself time to reflect upon your journey and think about the greater meaning of the experience

Tranformational travel is powerful. We’re here to guide you every step of the way. Our travel advisors will work with you to create the perfect trip to help you disconnect from the stress of work and technology.

Get Inspired from these Transformational Travel Ideas

Experience the Gorillas in the Virunga mountains in Uganda

Trek into the Bwindi National Park of Uganda as you come upon a troop of Silverback Gorillas. Biwindi is home to half of the world’s mountain gorillas. Spending as hour with these incredible creatures can change your view of our closest relatives.

Visit where Christ died

Stand on the spot where Jesus Christ was crucified at the Church of the Holy Sepulture in old Jerusalem. The spiritual sense is almost overwhelming!

Jungle Medicine

Spend a week at an ayahuasca retreat in the Amazon Rainforest. With real shaman’s singing their icuru’s and shaking the sharakas this is an experience you will never forget.

Sunrise over Angkor Wat

The incredible Hindu temples from the ancient Khmer Empire, at one time one of the largest cities in the world.

Spend a Night in the Ice Hotel

Each year they construct a hotel in Jukkasjärvi northern Sweden. This hotel is only open a few months a year as it melts and is built again each year. This is one place you can expect a chilly reception.


Every year 20,000 go out into the South African desert to have a crazy music festival called Afrikaburn. Little sister of Burning Man, Afrikaburn is complete with the creation of wooden masterpieces that are burned to the beat of electronic jams.

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