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Transformational Travel

Transformational Trips

Experience the Gorillas in the Virunga mountains in Uganda

Trek into the Bwindi National Park of Uganda as you come upon a troop of Silverback Gorillas. Biwindi is home to half of the world’s mountain gorillas. Spending as hour with these incredible creatures can change your view of our closest relatives.

Visit where Christ died

Stand on the spot where Jesus Christ was crucified at the Church of the Holy Sepulture in old Jerusalem. The spiritual sense is almost overwhelming!

Jungle Medicine

Spend a week at an ayahuasca retreat in the Amazon Rainforest. With real shaman’s singing their icuru’s and shaking the sharakas this is an experience you will never forget.

Sunrise over Angkor Wat

The incredible Hindu temples from the ancient Khmer Empire, at one time one of the largest cities in the world.

Spend a Night in the Ice Hotel

Each year they construct a hotel in Jukkasjärvi northern Sweden. This hotel is only open a few months a year as it melts and is built again each year. This is one place you can expect a chilly reception.


Every year 20,000 go out into the South African desert to have a crazy music festival called Afrikaburn. Little sister of Burning Man, Afrikaburn is complete with the creation of wooden masterpieces that are burned to the beat of electronic jams.


After planning my trip through Rwanda, Tanzania, and Zanzibar, I knew that there was no one else I would turn to besides Generation Go. The guides, accommodation, and local interaction are beyond parallel. Next up, Egypt!

- Randy, Chicago, IL

From Northern Europe to cruising the Mediterranean and Alaska, they always seems to have connections where it matters. We are in an age overloaded with options, and Generation Go makes travel seamless and unique. Consider us transformed!

- Steve and Martha, Thomasville, NC

When John told me he lived in Thailand, I knew we had landed in the right spot. I wasn’t interested in generic tours. I wanted to experience life as local. Normally, I don't repeat destinations but I am already planning Thailand v.2 with Generation Go!
- Misty, Charlotte, NC

I have been to England over ten times but I have never been to England the way I experienced it with Generation Go. They set us up with underground restaurants, tickets to a sold out show at the Hammersmith Apollo to see Neil Young, and expert guides that showed us the true underbelly of London.

- Rusty, Charlotte, NC

Generation Go blew us away on our honeymoon through New Zealand. We met local winemakers and musicians and stayed in incredible inns and country houses that we could have never found on our own. This was not your typical honeymoon and we will be back for more!

- David and Meg, The Hague, Netherlands

When picking a site for our destination wedding, we didn't want the typical Americanized experience. We were looking for something out of the box where friends could join us in diving into the local culture. John delivered with a hidden gem in Belize. Highly recommend Generation Go!
- Kyle and Jenny, Wilmington, NC

Not a day goes by that I'm not thankful for my journey, for the perspective I gained through the experience and the voice of change it has inspired in my heart.

Sarah, Greensboro, NC

My trip honestly impacted my life in so many ways and I cannot thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to experience such an adventure.

- Gaby, Greensboro, NC

I had the chance to experience things that I had never even dreamt were possible. WOW. I have no words, it was such a surreal experience. I learned so much about others, the world, and myself. Most importantly, I discovered how I am uniquely created to affect those around me.

Josh, Atlanta, GA

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