10 days To Cape Town


We are only 10 days from landing in Cape Town with 10 incredible kids. Our journey started in January when we had almost 80 nominees to select our 10 Globetrotters. Since then our students began their journey as we trained them on the history of South Africa, Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu’s quest and the abolishment of apartheid and how the TRC (Truth and Reconciliation Committee) helped heal a divided nation.  

We have made visits to a local house for AIDS affected and infected people in our community. These students have cooked lunch, played drums and prayed who those who are dealing with a life threatening illness, learning that we are all just people on a journey. We have had car washes to raise money and talked about leadership, working with each one to learn about themselves and not to judge others, watching as they braved all the inoculations, laughed at their expressions as they ate ostrich for the first time, and cried as we listened to them as they thanked a special person in their lives at a gourmet authentic South African dinner.

These are our 2010 Globetrotters! Please follow us here and on Facebook as we set out on the adventure of a lifetime one week from this coming Monday and Globetrotters get ready to face your fears, learn humility, understand how lucky you are and know that you can move mountains. ..