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Reclaiming Callao

A new wave of gentrification is occurring in deteriorating urban areas around the world utilizing art. Leading the effort is a new type of urban art, called street art. A group of ingenious urban developers has utilized a unique plan…

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5 Top Travel Trends for 2020

Transformational Travel Transformational travel is more than just a feeling or a moment. It is more than that flush of happiness and wonder that comes from a special experience and connection. Transformational travel is intentionally traveling to stretch, learn and…

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Safari in Ohio

We grew up with Jack Hanna from the Columbus zoo, showing up on Johnny Carson and other shows with a menagerie of wild animals. Little did I know that he had another project going on outside of Columbus called The…

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Going Pink in Celestun

Flamingos have always had this magical quality for me, the beautiful pink, tall slender bodies that can stand on a straw like leg, the funny curved beak, the bird that inspired a beautiful dance found in Latin American countries. It…

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