Fear and Apprehension

You could cut the fear and apprehension with a knife as we loaded up to do something few people in this world would or could do, shark cage diving. The jokes and nervous laughter prevailed until it was time to slip on a wet suit and jump in a cage submerged in 50 degree water. Our Globetrotters jumped right in, taking deep breaths as they acclimated to the cold water.

The crew started chumming the sea with fish heads and guts, it wasn’t long before a 10 foot Great White Shark appeared. Screams emitted from the cage as the shark made its first pass. Before we were done 18 kids and teachers had had an experience of a lifetime. The sharks were lively some of them bumping into or gnawing on the bars of the cage as people shrieked like little girls, kids and teachers alike. Only two people got sick and everybody had an incredible time. For Angelyn it was an eighteenth birthday she will never forget.IMG_1343 IMG_1369 Washington DC 2013 DGH 494 Washington DC 2013 DGH 504