A Plan – para mi otra familia


Today, after two days of the Iquitos runs and weight loss program, I got to sit down with Rita and some of the people from People of Peru to try to lay out a plan to lift my little family out of the slums of Belen. We talked about three options.

  1. Lou and I could adopt Ruth and Maria and bring them to the US. This would be expensive, time consuming and risky because like uprooting a tree to move to a better location sometimes it works and the tree flourishes and sometimes the tree dies. Many times what looks like great solution turns out to be the worst idea. If it worked Ruth and Maria would learn English, have a great home, loving parents and a whole different life. On the other hand these two girls help their mother and might really regret leaving the only home they have ever known. I love these two girls and would love to think this option would work but it would be a huge risk. I would also probably want Lou’s consent. J
  2. We have been talking about the possibility of buying this family a house so they get away from a rent payment and out of an environment that is unsanitary and the risk of having to move out again because of the Amazon flooding (in March most of Belen had to move because of the worst flooding in a century). This option also takes care of a home but not food, medicine or other necessities.
  3. Help Rita start some sort of business so that she sees a steady income and can start saving to do things like, buy a house and take better care of her children. This is the option we will embark on tomorrow. We are going to put Rita in business selling boiled potatoes and salsa in the same location where she parks motorcars now. We think we can start this entrepreneurial adventure for about $50. This should be interesting. If this fails I may be bringing two little girls back with me. Wish us luck!