Angels Hope

Angels Hope is a small orphanage run by Mary and her husband Presto who use their retirement funds to provide for a group of orphans, 4-16 years of age. The funding had been provided to build a new wing but it was not painted and there was a plot of land behind the house that needed a garden. Eighteen people jumped in with rollers, brushes, tools, picks and hoes. Within hours most of the house had been painted, the garden had been turned, murals adorned the kids rooms, we had stocked the kitchen with food, bought new tools for household repairs, repaired doors, moved furniture. The kids were begging to do more, Nido our guide was trying to hide the paint because he felt the kids had worked too hard. We wrangled the paint from him and jumped back on the job. On the way home we decided to form a union, we needed to demand longer working hours. Before we left the next day the garden was planted, all the furniture was rearranged and the house painting was almost complete. Our Globetrotters made us proud.

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