Cheapo Air is a disaster!!!

I used Cheapo Air recently to book a trip for a group that we are taking to South Africa. What a disaster! First I get an email after booking the trip that I need to call them with all kinds of information to complete the booking. It took three calls and each time I sat on hold for 45 min to and hour. When you finally get someone they are hard to understand because of the very thick accents. I found out that I had one name wrong and I went through the whole sceanario again, 45 min to hour waiting on hold. Finally they said they made the name change and there would be a $50 charge which I was fine with. When I checked my credit card bill they had charged a whole new batch of tickets for $12,000. I immediately called them and again went through the 45 minute wait, they said they were processing a void that would hit my card within 7 to 10 days. So I checked after two weeks and the charge was still there, so this time I emailed them and they came back and said they made a mistake and they would process the void but it might take 4 WEEKS! I had to call AMX and lodge a an inquiry. I ended up spending about 6 hours to book this ticket and Cheapo Air thinks I am their bank as they continue to hold almost $12,000. STAY AWAY FROM CHEAPO AIR.