For Men Only!

Okay this post is for men only, so if you are of the female persuasion, please stop reading now. Right….

More than once I have planned a trip that I didn’t tell my wife about. I waited until the right minute and then surprised her by providing her clues. The first one was a trip to Costa Rica, it was a Christmas present, so on Christmas Day she got a note that she was going on an adventure. A couple of days later I left a box of Fruit Loops with picture of the toucan on the box. Each day another clue.

I did it again on our 20th wedding anniversary, this time to Australia. Again I left a note letting her know something was up and then the clues started. This time we were going to be gone for three weeks so I had an awesome travel agent helping me who wrote a little story so she would know what to wear.

“Lou stepped off the plane and was thrilled that she had on a light shirt, shorts and strappy sandals. The next day when she got up she knew packing two bathing suits was a great idea. Since she loves to exercise she wasn’t about to forget her running clothes…..”  Get the idea?

Most guys have trouble taking their wife out for a nice dinner so I can tell you taking the time to plan a trip and surprise her is a wonderful way to show her how much she means to you. So our thirtieth anniversary is coming up and I’m back at it.

This time we are going to xxxxxxxxx. Sorry can’t disclose the location but I can tell you her first clue. “Double A”. Keep your eyes on comments to this post and I will post my clues. Maybe it will spur some of you on to create a surprise for your girl; it comes with fringe benefits.     

PS – I will be blogging as we go on our trip, May 13.