Gentle Annie

Gentle Annie has all the right curves in all the right places, hot, beautiful and blond. She was a blast.  Annie is something everyone who visits New Zealand should enjoy, a 90 mile track between Taihape and Hastings, one of the coolest roads you will ever drive. Lou and I happened upon it as we were looking for a good way to get from Tangariro to Napier.

I felt like a formula one racer in Lemans, except I was driving a Toyota Corolla and this was Graceful Annie, curves in the right places and beautiful scenery you can find in New Zealand. Hugging each curve, twist and turn a road that took all your focus and attention, isn’t that the way most ladies are? When you hit a straight section you could put the pedal to the medal and head down the middle of the road, cars coming the other way were few and far between. Just like any good woman, when think you got them straight they throw you a curve.

The scenery started out with rolling hills that looked like flowing blond hair covered with sheep grazing, but she kept changing from fields of blond grass, to mountains, cliffs and green forests. Lou and I found ourselves stopping over and over to take in the amazing views.  What a sweetheart!  We finally rolled into Napier after the 10 mile Tongariro Crossing hike and 6 hours of driving, what a day! This is definitely the route to take if you have finished the Crossing and need to get to the east coast.

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