Going to the End of the Earth to Find Hope – Cape Hope

We joined the first group in Cape Town and were relieved that we all finally made it to Cape Town. Our guide, Shane Pinear picked us up and after dropping off our bags at our beautiful guest house, Moon Bay Guest House, we headed to the Cape of Good Hope. The kids were amazed with the beauty of the cliffs, the crashing waves and the flora and fauna. We made it to a restaurant overlooking the ocean and had a wonderful meal that was finished by all the wait staff singing some African songs. Really cool!

Then we climbed up to the lighthouse. The kids got to see penguins, a whale, and ostriches and millions of sea lice. You quickly understood why the coast of Africa is so treacherous. The kids finally got to see some of the incredible beauty of Cape Town.

We went into a township and the kids got to see how many of the people of Africa live. The township was really awful but a country club compared to some of the shanty towns.

So here are some of the pics you have been waiting for…