Piranha, Alligators and Orphans

There is something about swimming in a river where you know
there are piranha and alligators that can keep you on edge but when you are
with a bunch of orphans after a tumultuous week it was a welcome relief. The
Nanay River, a tributary of the Amazon, offers a beautiful sandy beach when the
water level is low enough. It was the perfect spot for a day of fun in the
Peruvian sun.

I love these kids and can see the amazing work that People
of Peru Project does with the help of people who volunteer their time and lives (Brea,
Araseli, Camille, Issac, Sandy and their two lovely children, Abby and Caleb)
to provide love and support for those who come from homes were they were beaten
and raped. The newest additions to Poppy’s House, Marisa and Vanessa, just
arrived after their father was sentenced to life in prison for killing someone
and their mother was sentenced to five years for stealing motorcycles.
Unfortunately their little brother was born in prison. I hope next week to be
able to visit their mother with some infant formula and a little love and

Each time I look in these kids’ faces  I remind myself why I am in Peru. These kids
give me sooooo much!

Today I heard about a jungle tribe who believe when a child
is born out of wedlock it is the maternal grandmother’s job to go out in the
jungle to dig a hole and bury the baby alive. God please give me the courage to
change the things I can change, the power to accept the things I cannot and the
wisdom to know the difference.