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San Telmo – The market that never ends…

Sunday is San Telmo day, San Telmo has a huge antique and craft market on every Sunday. It was amazing to see all the crafts, antiques and people, with mimes and   performers along the way.  We got there early and found a few souvenirs. As the day went on more and more people came until you couldn’t see anything but a sea of people for as far as you could see. It is a great place for people watching.

That night Lilli and Edwardo (from the estancia) picked to take us out to a really nice restaurant in Palermo called La Cabrera. It was obvious that this was a good restaurant based on the line outside. After about a 45 minute wait we got in and got the head waiter. He was really helpful and having Lilli and Edwardo was a big plus. They started with some sweetbreads which were delicious. Then we ordered the thing to order in BA, a big fat steak that we shared. It was huge and wonderful, plenty to split. It was really nice to have an evening out with locals and put a further confirmation that we chose the right estancia because we now have some true friends. Thank you so much Lilli and Edwardo!  

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