Starting Our African Journey

After 36 hours of travel, DC, Dakar, Joburg and finally Cape Town we have arrived.  The morning started early, 3am to make a 6am flight. It is the first time I have ever been on a Globetrotter trip where all the kids beat us to the airport. We arrived and everyone was busy checking bags and saying their goodbyes. Normally I end up packing 18 bags with stuff for people in the host country, this time we were a little smarter and had the kids help pack the bags and then each was responsible for bringing the extra bag to the airport. Duh, I’m not sure why we didn’t figure this one out 11 years ago. It really cut down the time to pack and it prevented the log jam that we usually have at the airport.

We arrived in DC at 7am and things went like clockwork. We had already arranged for the airport Marriott to store out bags so Freebird and a couple of kids took all our carryon bags and headed to the hotel while the rest of us caught the 5A bus into the city. The driver was so nice. Since we were his last stop he actually drove us to the Capitol and dropped us off at the front door.

Soon afterwards Freebird and his merry men caught up with us just in time to head to Kay Hagan’s office. The kids had a few minutes with the senator, she was more than gracious and interested in our kids and our mission but was whisked away by her aids to make a vote in the Senate. Before she left she mentioned that she knew of Dustin’s GreenHouse and insisted on getting a picture with Lou and myself.

Then it was off to the Capitol tour and then the Holocaust museum , an amazingly impactful museum, the only hiccup was some motion sickness by one of the kids but our leaders stepped up and helped our wounded comrade until she felt better and then joined up with the group once more.

I even ran into an old friend, King O. Our bus for the return trip was right on time and we didn’t miss a beat and the 2013 Globetrotter team shined. We have and awesome group of kids and leaders!

Washington DC 2013 DGH 007 Washington DC 2013 DGH 015 Washington DC 2013 DGH 044