The Globetrotters are headed to Africa!

We all are enjoying the spectacle going on in South Africa called the World Cup, in 20 short days we will be arriving with 10 Guilford students in Cape Town, two days after all the soccer is finished, but there will be plenty of excitement as we begin our journey. We have lined up the trip of a lifetime as we work with the orphans in Siyathuthuka, brave the cold waters to see sharks and meet one of the most amazing men of this century.  

Doc Hendley with Wine to Water ( has stepped up and funded a well that is being drilled TODAY in Siyathuthuka South Africa. This community has only one public water source that is not working much of the time. Please say a prayer that they will hit a new water source for the community and many thanks to Doc and W2W for laying down the foundation that will allow our kids to come in and plant a garden that will leave a mark on this community for years to come.

We will begin our journey by testing the courage and will power of our students as we chum for great white sharks and then jump in a shark cage to see these magnificent beasts up close and personal. How up close and personal? Check this video out! Or give this one a try

We finish up our Cape Town visit with a meeting that should remain in these kids minds for the rest of their lives. On Friday July 16th we are going to have tea with Desmond Tutu! Then it is off to White River and the Siyathuthuka community and working with Hands at Work (  We begin our work with a fund raising concert to raise money for the garden. Our kids get their first step lesson tonight, wonder what STEP is, check it out, in fact one of our students is the captain of the Dudley High School step team. Our Globetrotters will be performing for the folks of White River at the fund raising concert.

We finish up our trip with a trip to Kruger National Park, where we will be up close and personal again with lions and tigers and bears. Oh my! Well maybe not tigers or bears but plenty of lions, elephants, hippos, leopards and a few rhinos. Get ready Globetrotters, we are about to BLOW YOUR MINDS!

If you would like to follow our adventures we will be posting on Facebook and the DGH blog

How can you help?

  • We will be collecting Give a Gallon bags up to July 10th. So pack a gallon ziplock bag with some goodies that you think would put a smile on a South African kids face or provide that moment of luxury as a grandma puts on some new makeup or washes her hair with real shampoo.
  • New underwear is like gold in South Africa, so we have started our WEAR DRIVE to collect underwear for Siyathuthuka, so far we have over 300 pairs. Hopefully when we leave the whole community will feel good down under.
  • Tuesday, June 29th the Bistro in Adams Farm is having “Restaurant Wars”, where we will see how knows how to cook and who knows how to serve as Rhonda goes in the kitchen and Kristina comes out. Let’s see who wins the Restaurant War but we already know that DGH will win because 15% of the proceeds are being donated to Dustin’s GreenHouse.
  • We are selling Sedgefield Community Watch stickers ($3) so the sheriff’s department can identify you as a Sedgefield resident easily. These are really neat stickers for your back window that helps the local law enforcement and shows your community pride. You can get your stickers at Valleybook 5009 High Point Rd. or Jim Costas Insurance Agency right beside Black Dog car wash.  
  • Don’t forget the 9th annual Dustin’s GreenHouse Golf Tournament will be Monday October 4th. We need sponsors and auction items
  • If you have or know someone who would be willing to donate a vacation home for a week or even a weekend
  • If you know a celebrity who would donate some of their time and be willing to allow us to auction off a lunch, dinner or even a round of golf with a celebrity
  • Sports memorabilia makes great auction stuff
  • If you have season tickets to see your favorite team, consider donating a game