The Kiwis

We touched down in Auckland and headed downtown, for our one night in the “big city” before heading north.  It always takes me a bit of getting used to driving on the left side of the road. Everything is backwards, I find myself constantly turning on the windshield wipers when I am getting ready to turn and more than once have jumped into the car only to realize that the steering wheel is on the other side of the car.

Our journey started uneventful as we check into our hotel, had some grub and walked around Auckland. We even stopped in a pub to listen to old American rock and roll. There is something timeless about the music we grew up on but I have to say it is a little surreal to watch a bunch of Kiwis rocking out on Sweet Home Alabama.

The next morning we got our Kiwi “ouch” lesson as we stepped into the car park about 20 minutes past the allotted time to find a boot on our car, $115 later we were off on our adventure, my pocketbook in pain and me kicking myself for being so stupid.