Traveling with Wine

It used to be that you could put a nice bottle of wine in your carryon bag and count enjoying the vino at you selected vacation destination. That has all ended. I am planning a trip to Argentina for my 30th wedding anniversary and would like to take a couple of very old vintage bottles of wine but how do you carry wine these days on an airplane without it breaking in your checked bag and ruining your clothes?

So I started doing some research. I found people who had posted their experiences wrapping the bottle in bubble wrap, people who put it in their shoes, or people who just put it in the middle of their suitcase and hoped for the best, none of which works for me.

So then I started thinking about how wine is shipped through the mail and how it must also get some really rough handling and started looking at shipping materials and found my solution.

The first solution may be to ship the wine ahead of you, this may cost a little more but saves the space in your suitcase. If you really want the wine to travel with you, then there are a number of protective boxes that are used for shipping that don’t cost much and should protect your wine.