Visiting Another World

I’m sixty feet from the world I live in but it might as well be a million miles. My strength, my height and my weight mean nothing here, in fact being totally weightless is an advantage. My hands have no value, my feet cannot carry me without artificial limbs, I cannot breath without artificial air.This a different world, a world of incredible beauty and danger. Wildlife that can kill with a viscous attack or the touch of a finger. A place where you can float like a bird but you know you are the sumo wrestler in a yoga class. This is a world of fins and gills and a place I do not belong but am fascinated to be, under the ocean, gliding above peaks and valleys like an eagle soaring over the mountain peaks.

It is a silent world where the only noise is my own breathing,  bubbles floating to the surface and the occasional boat passing overhead in my world. A world without smell or noise, a beautiful world, like the lunar surface dotted with brilliant but strange shapes of flora and fauna made of unique miniature creatures that have formed over hundreds of years. Fish with beautiful blues, reds, yellows and oranges all working together in a perfect harmony and symphony, swimming in concert to their own beat. Strange cratures poaking their heads, antennae, and claws out to check out the invader of their world. A place where you are left to your thoughts and normal mind clutter floats away in the sea like smoke from a fire drifts into the sky. For a short time I feel at total peace without the trappings of the chaotic world above. Thank you for sharing your world.