What if?

What if your street was not only your mode of transportation but also where your washing machine? What if the road to your house was also your source of food, entertainment, your shower and your bathroom? What if your street was the center of your universe?

For people in the Amazon, their street is the river and it is what their world revolves around. It is fascinating to take a boat ride down the river and see the display of life as it plays out in and around the river; people doing their everyday chores and living their lives in full view of anyone who passes.

The Amazon River basin is the largest in the world (2,720,000sq mi), stretching across South America and covering almost 40% of the continent. The river varies in width from a few hundred yards to 150 miles wide in some places during the wet season. The river rises as much as 30 feet during the rainy season (Jan-May). Most dwellings along the river are on stilts to protect homes from flooding. At no point on the river is there a bridge, if you want to cross the Amazon you have to go by boat.   

This is truly one of the most fascinating places on Earth!