White River Idol

I wasn’t sure if this trip could get much better after a rough start, then doing a shark cage dive and meeting Desmond Tutu but tonight was another incredible night.

 After a day of souvenir shopping with the kids we got ready for White River Idol, a talent show of local kids to raise money for Hands at Work that Paul and Mike Matthews organized.  The level of talent was amazing. I thought that I was just going to be taking pictures but I was informed that I was going to be the MC for the evening. Not sure how I got that job, I guess I drew the short straw. The crazy thing is that I don’t remember every drawing any straws.

I received the list of acts with a brief description right before the show started so I was flying blind. Nobody had thought about recording the event on video or audio so Marty and Lexx jumped into action. Mr. Gadget figured out how to patch into their sound system and we had multiple video camera running during the show.   

Lou, Lynne and Melissa worked the box office. All of the sudden it was show time with MC Green and the White River Idol. The local acts were incredible, with singing and dancing.

The Globetrotters stepped on stage and blew it away. Their act started with a poem that they had written about Dustin’s GreenHouse with a harmonica accompaniment by Lexx, then they broke into their step dance as the recited Invictus. It was awesome!

Here is the poem out Globetrotters wrote:

Out of tragedy seeds are sown

By the mends of the Green’s their faith is known

And through their efforts our lives have grown

Over the ocean and across new lands

We lay God’s blanket with giving hands

His loving wildness inspires our plans

This journey will forever change our lives

Through planes and sharks, we have survived

We thank our leaders with this surprise

Hope Grows Here

As the show finished our kids ran up on stage and started dancing which prompted all the other acts to join them.  The night finished with all the kids who participated dancing on the stage. I can’t wait until you get to see the film, it is amazing! I love these kids!!!!