Augusta in the Amazon

Not much sleep last night as the anticipation of playing the Augusta in the Amazon is more than I can bear. Looking down the number one fairway of the most beautiful golf course in the Amazon, I realize how long it has been since I touched a golf club. My caddie is beside me and suggesting an 8 iron for the beginning par 3.

It’s a little hard to see exactly where the flag is because it is only three feet tall and no GPS here. In fact there are no carts, no cart paths and my caddie is carrying a machete. Not so much for protection, although many have run across a boa constrictor or an anaconda on the course, more to mow down the rough if you happen to land there. Which is a distinct possibility since the whole course is rough. After all this is the best course in the Amazon primarily because it is the “only course in the Amazon”.

We got out early and caught up with the greens crew mowing number 3 mowing the green with a weed eater. Well we got a half mowed green, what more do you want, just stay on the short side. They have two weed eaters and a couple of machetes to keep the course groomed immaculately; well almost immaculately.

Unique rules for this course, if you lose your ball in the fairway you get a free drop. It’s an automatic two putt if you put it close, no need to run the score up and it is difficult to pull the flag from the water bottle that has been buried to hold it in place.   

Good thing we have a caddie because the fairways can be deep, a foot in some places. Lucky the dog joined us and found a couple of balls, the only problem was that he wouldn’t give them back. We called him Lucky because in many South American countries they eat the dogs but they won’t eat a black dog; therefore a black dog is generally known as “lucky”.

As we walked across Hogan’s Bridge you had to watch your step or you might fall through. Not a place where you want to fall in a water hazard or for that matter even reach your hand in to find a ball, full of piranhas and alligators. One, not so smart, golfer tried it and lost the tip of his finger.

Twenty five dollars for nine holes or for that matter as many holes as you care to play. The greens fee includes club rental, if that is what you want to call them, 12 balls and some broken tees. I can tell you after nine holes you feel like you have gone twenty seven.  It has been over a month since I have played golf and Augusta in the Amazon was a unique experience, challenging and thoroughly entertaining. Eat your heart out Sedgefield, thank you John for joining me.