Kruger and the Kids

The excitement continues….we entered Kruger Park two days ago and within hours we had seen 4 of the big five, Cape Buffalo, elephants, rhino and a couple of lions. It is always such a memorable moment the first time you see African wildlife in their natural habitat, and it was no different for our Globetrotters, the squeals and excitement are fun to watch. In addition to the big four, we have seen giraffes, wildebeest, warthogs, hippos, crocodiles, thousands of impalas, bushbacks, vervette monkeys who raided the food in our outside kitchen (these are light grey monkeys, the males have bright blue balls which brought some treasured comments from the kids) baboons, darkars (that were all over our last camp and would walk right up to you).

At four o’clock in the morning our first night staying at the Lataba camp I got a knock on my door because the boys hot water heater burst in their room flooding the room. So we spent the rest of the night cleaning clothes and getting them moved to another room. As we headed to our next camp Vivienne’s car died about 30 kilometers short so I raced to the camp and then back to pick her, Lynne and Melissa up with a tow truck. I made it just before sundown but we got a nice evening ride back as I saw a glimpse of a leopard on the way to pick them up and some hyenas on the way back. I hope the kids get a chance to see some leopards, cheetah and more lions before we leave. Keep your fingers crossed!