Peanut Butter, the Bird Blind and Bowel Movements

Post by Lauren Nunley

Yesterday for lunch we went to a small, secluded camp called Bird Blind where we overlooked a magnificent river populated by a pod of hippos and a few crocs. As we ate our ham and cheese and peanut butter jelly sandwiches we became mesmerized by the humongous creatures, even as they were sleeping and especially as they yawned. It was an experience that can’t be fully explained.

The second half of the drive to Shingwedzi was rather interesting, seeing an elephant display his excitement after meeting a female and having the battery in Vivienne’s car die. I was directed to go with the others in the van as opposed to staying with Lynne, Melissa, and Vivienne. When everyone arrived to the camp a few hours later, and we had dinner and got ready for bed, everyone gathered in the female leaders’ room. The discussion we had was both hilarious and disgusting—I never knew that it was possible to relate bowel movements to the bible! It was a VERY interesting night for the team.