Kruger, the gem of South Africa

Have you always wanted to do an African Safari but when you checked into it found that the cost was outrageous? Well there is a way to enjoy the amazement of a safari without breaking the bank.

Just like the US, Africa has set up a wonderful national park system with Kruger National Park being the gem. For those of you who have seen the famous You Tube video of a lion and a crocidile fighting over a baby water buffalo, that video was taken in Kruger National Park

Just like in the US each of their national parks have very reasonable lodging. Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing like going to one of the private camps in Kruger (or Timbavatiwhich is right beside Kruger), enjoying incredible meals, massages and private game drives. I have been to two, Kings Camp and Tanda Tula and both are wonderful. If you mix the park accomodations with a couple of nights in a luxury camp you get the best of both worlds.

Pictures above – top is one a bungalow at Lower Sabi and one of the blinds available at Kruger, the bottom are pictures of a room at Kings Camp.

 Here is an example, to stay at the famous Sabi Sabi luxury lodge, it will cost you over $1600 per night for a couple. To stay a couple of miles away at  the Lower Sabi park accomodations you can get a nice air conditioned bungalow for $114 per night for a couple.

Kruger also has some really unique lodging options. There are huts that serve as nature observation blinds during the day that you can rent for a night. You have to bring your own food and sleeping bags but the park provides matresses, a gas lantern, and water. These blinds have an outhouse, drop down beds and a barbeque area that are protected from animals. I can tell you there is nothing like spending a night out in the African bush.

Unlike the luxury all inclusive camps, you have to cook your own meals or eat out. Most of the camps have a restaurant and a small grocery store. I have stayed in several of the camps and have nothing but praise for the South African park system. You get a whole different cultural experience at the public camps, compared to the private game reserves.  

Here is the official site for Kruger, and you can check availablity and book your accomodations online. Don’t forget that South Africa has a whole national park system, so if Kruger isn’t your gig or you want to experience multiple locatons in the country, check out the official national park site