Sick of Security Ignorance

On the evening of December 25th, as Northwest flight 253 approached Detroit, another terrorist thwarted all the incredibly ignorant policies put in place by the NTSB and the US government and almost blew up the plane killing everyone aboard and many on the ground. With all the little old ladies being checked at security lines, it is astounding that airport security allowed a 23 year old muslim on an airplane whose father had warned the CIA that his son was radicalized and had called him and said it was the last time they would ever talk. It is even more astounding that the man bought a one way ticket, paid with cash and had no luggage but still no search was performed.  I understand that we need stronger safety standards and controls to protect the people, 911 certainly told us that we needed change.

I don’t understand how taking my shoes off or having the TSA agent pour out my shampoo is making me or anybody any safer especially when a guy slipped through security who was on a terrorist watch list, paid cash for a one way ticket and did not have any luggage for a trip from Nigeria to the US.

Now these highly intelligent people are talking about not letting you go to the bathroom for the last hour of a flight or that you cannot put a blanket on your lap. Are you crazy! What’s next, all airline passengers will have to strip down to our underwear before boarding a plane? Oh no, that wouldn’t work this terrorist packed the charge in his underwear, maybe we should outlaw people wearing underwear on a plane. Hmmmm.

The answer is as clear as it can be. You have to start being proactive instead of reactive. Is there anybody who has it right? Yes, there is one airline that has NEVER had a terrorist act, El Al, Israel’s airline. Why? Because they are proactive and willing to profile customers.

When you get a ticket on an El Al fight your name is checked against multiple databases, including Interpol and terrorist watch lists. Isn’t that a novel idea? Next when you drive up to the airport they are watching people, how they arrive, who they arrive with, is there anything suspicious? Plain clothes security roam the airport looking for tipoff actions. Last but not least they screen people who look like they might be terrorists, not little old ladies. Just think about how much tax money is being spent to screen people who are obviously not terrorists.

It is time to start using our heads on airport security and stop being politically correct.