Lima es muy bonita

My adventure began last night as we landed in Lima Peru. I walked around the city today to get a little of the flavor of the city. Found the local market and enjoyed watching all the families playing in the park along the ocean.

I checked one of my usual websites for a condo to rent and this time I hit paydirt. The condo wasn’t rented so they gave me a deal, $100 per night for a 3br penthouse condo, overlooking the ocean and skyline of Lima. It has a patio on top of the roof that is totally cool. The only problem is that no one is here to enjoy it with me.

It is really interesting when you are in a city where you can’t communicate effectively and there is nobody to talk to. It is really a different kind of feeling. Beautiful city but if makes you realize how much the people around you mean  in your life. Next time, I will rent this condo again and bring Woo Green. 😉