Sunsets and Cerviche

It was really neat watching the kids playing soccer down below, they have put a lot of recreational facilities along the coast, I counted 13 soccer courts right on the beach. skateboard courses, basketball courts. Most of Lima comes out to play on the cliff overlooking the ocean.

Then I had the pleasure of watching a beautiful sunset from my terrace in the apartment. It was really spectacular. There is a cross that has been placed on the island across the bay which lights up serves as a reminder of the faith of the city. Pics below. 

I ate last night at Astrid Gaston, considered to have the best cerviche in the world and has a reputation as one of the best restaurants in the world. It was amazing!

Today was a day spent walking the city, soaking up more culture,  enjoying my last day in Lima. Tomorrow it’s off to Iquitos. 🙂