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Real Girls and Reading Palms

One afternoon as we drove into town we realized that there was something going on to take us back to our southern roots the Real Northern Girl Contest.  Every redneck loves a southern girl who can shoot, hunt or skin a coon, but in New Zealand everything is upside down so you find your redneck chicks in the north.

The contest started with each girl trying to pull a pickup with a trailer out and then back it into a designated spot, followed by filleting a fish, spin casting a rod and reel to hit a target and opening a beer with the object that was handed to them.

I loved the babe in the black dress with a buck knife strapped to her waist, dat is da typ a girl ud be proud to bring home to mama. She ended up winning the contest.  

Later we changed gears when we got back to Chris’s house, we cooked a big dinner and she invited her next door neighbors over, Nina and Gary. After a night of great companionship and conversation I decided to try Nina at her profession, palm reader extraordinaire. She dove into my palm with a vengeance, drawing lines, circles and x’s as she dissected my past and future in the real estate between my five fingers. I’ve never had my palm read and I found it interesting and enlightening.  At the end of the night my hand looked like a road map. My brain was swirling with her analysis, some right on target and some a little alien to my life but an interesting and fun night.


IMG_8155IMG_8167 IMG_8178

Future Real Northern Girl

Future Real Northern Girl


My palm reading, look like a road map to my life, scary.

My palm reading, look like a road map to my life, scary.


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