The Phantom

We headed down early for a trip on the Phantom, a 50 foot sailboat so we could experience the Bay of Islands from the sea. It was a beautiful day and Rick and Robin were great hosts. There is something special about cutting through the water with sails flapping in the wind.

After sailing around the island, we stopped in a small bay and had the choice of swimming to shore or ride in the dingy. I swam; maybe I should have taken the dingy. As the surf rolled the whale up on the beach, I took a few recovery minutes. Of course Umi, who rode in the dingy was ready to climb the highest hill on the island as soon as she hit shore, so up we went.

I have to say there is something to be said for a country that doesn’t have poisonous snakes, alligators, crocks, poisonous spiders or sand spurs. We hiked up the “mountain” with “city feet” and the cool grass felt like a soft mat, breathtaking views, no dangerous critters, soft on the feet, I could like this country.

We got back on the boat Rick and Robin had a feast prepared for lunch. On the way over they caught a fish that was already cooked up along with a veggie frittata, fresh bread with berry chutney, cheese and a passion fruit dessert. We spent the rest of the afternoon sailing back to Russell, relaxing and enjoying the beautiful island experience. Killer awesome! 

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