Recipe For A Better World

5 Little Mayan Girls, (who are fearful of white people)

5 Little Mayan Boys (who are also fearful of white people)

10 American High School students (who are trying to change the world)

1 Small Mayan Village

1 Soccer ball

1 Frisbee

3 Childs games.

Mix the Mayan girls with the American girls in a small Mayan village. Approach the Mayan girls and try to engage them. At first they will probably refuse but be persistent. Eventually with a lot of coaxing the Mayan girls will join the crowd. Start using games like Duck Duck Goose and Tag to engage the Mayan girls. Make sure you stir in some kindness and language that they understand. Then start throwing the Frisbee, continue these games until you start getting smiles, then pull out the soccer ball. Now the Mayan boys will join in. Start a soccer game where everyone is running up and down the field laughing and playing. Next add some music and pull the Mayan children out to dance. Soon you will have a whole town of children laughing and playing with their new American friends leaving a lasting impression and less fear the next time these Mayan children run into Americans. Just look at the finished product:

IMG_0717 IMG_0724 IMG_0738 IMG_0758 IMG_0841