Globetrotters Head To The Yucatan

Twenty two amazing high school students and another Globetrotter adventure is on. We have spent the last six months working on leadership skills, learning about Mayan people and getting scuba certified, even though three of the students had to learn how to swim first.

We struck out early meeting our team at 4am in Raleigh and the flights went smooth. Several of our Globetrotters experienced their first plane flight. We were all on the first flight to Washington and then I split off because the original flight was full, which put me into Cancun an hour before the group. After clearing customs I walked out of the airport and started searching for our guide. I ended up having the scare of my life when I looked down on the baggage cart and realized my camera bag was gone. Now those who know how I travel know I carry a LOT of camera equipment. I felt stupid and like I had made a rookie mistake, taking my eyes off the cart for even a minute. I just knew it was gone and that picture taking would not be an option on this trip. As I walked in to report a theft the guard told me they had just found a bag outside. Sure enough it was my camera bag and I just about kissed the guard. I won’t be making anymore rookie mistakes.

The kids have been great. Everybody hit the pool after a long day of flying and driving then an early dinner and bed since nobody got any sleep last night.


This morning we were up and out, headed towards Coba, one of the great Mayan ruins. We got the opportunity to see the ball courts where the Mayans would make their prisoners of war play a game to the death. After the ball game the loser is sacrificed. Maybe we could institute a similar practice in the next Duke Carolina game. I bet we would best basketball we have ever seen, everyone would be at 110%.


The kids climbed the largest pyramids in the northern Yucatan, 150 feet towering over the Mexican forest. Many of the students were conquering their fear of heights as they climbed up the steep worn steps of Nohoch Mul (which means Large Hill)


It is amazing to see the pyramids of Egypt and the pyramids of the Mayans and see the parallels. Both built fantastic monuments to their kings, performing tremendous architectural feats. Both used their captives for sport and entertainment. Both had similar views on the afterlife.

After Coba we headed to Otoch Ma’ax Yetel Kooh, (which means home of the monkey and the puma). We didn’t catch any sights of a puma but we saw a bunch of monkeys.


After a long day, I can hear the kids splashing in the pool. The kids are having a ball and getting along stupendously.