The Globetrotters Invade Peru…. Again

Two days ago we headed out with 17 amazing students on a journey that really started in January. A journey that we have been preparing for over 6 months. A journey that has included leadership skills, fundraising and swamp walks. A journey that has culminated into the Amazon rainforest. Let me introduce you to our incredible team.
Patra – Ragsdale
Bojo – Ragsdale
Nick – Grimsley
Kara – Ragsdale
Robert – Andrews
Jeavon – Weaver
Addy – Grimsley
Michael – Page
Annika – Andrews
Sarah – Grimsley
Zeke – Ragsdale
Neely – Grimsley
Tyesha – Andrews
Isabella – Grimsley
Rachel – High Point Central
Ra – Page
Andrea – Ragsdale

Our largest Globetrotter team in the history of Dustin’s Greenhouse and so far one of the best. We have already put these kids to the test. Wading through snake infested swamps, canoeing down a river and now they are being confronted with a whole new world. One that is very different in so many ways. Yesterday we took them down into Belen, a slum that is connected to Iquitos and place that they will become very familiar with over the next week. Belen is where desperate poverty smacks you in the face, where children wade through sewage barefooted. The kids were great, a lot of them tried eating grilled grubs and handled things they never thought they touch.

IMG_4930 IMG_4978 IMG_4949  IMG_4966

Each day so far has been filled with joy and awe as these kids innocence is replaced with knowledge and a sense of purpose. These guys are like little sponges soaking everything up. What I love about this team is they get it, they are engaged, enthralled and excited about everything we have thrown at them so far.