Go See A Gorilla Before It’s To Late

If you want to see a mountain gorilla there is only one place in the world, the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest or the Virunga Mountains in Uganda and Rwanda. Unfortunately, people in the Democratic Republic of the Congo continue to deforest their habitat for charcoal, along with those killed by hunters by the last count it is estimated that there are only about 1000 left in the world. Because of this rare opportunity to experience a troop of gorillas the permit to see these magnificent is not cheap, $700 to $1000 for one hour. Each night the gorillas move from place to place, so trackers follow their progression and radio back to porters where you start your adventure. The hike can be short or may go for hours, they call it the impenetrable forest for a reason. I have traveled all over the world but nothing has compared to the experience of spending an hour with our second cousins. This is an absolutely incredible experience!!!